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Eureka Taxis Western Victoria (t/as Eureka Taxis Ballarat) is Ballarat’s only registered locally owned and operated and independent taxi transport provider. 

We run a varied fleet of vehicles from sedans, SUVs through to our customized maxi and wheelchair access vehicles.

Each of our vehicles has free Super Fast Wifi on board for the customer.

The objective of our business is to deliver on time, professional and safe transport services for our customers

To attain our objective of enhancing the transport needs of our customers and businesses, Eureka Taxis follows its core values in creating a work culture that helps in work efficiency and customer satisfaction by giving attention to every interaction with our customers.

We do crisis transport as well as transport for vulnerable persons.

When you call Eureka Taxis, you will always speak to a local dispatcher and not an automated system.

We also do crisis transport as well as transport for vulnerable persons.


All of our drivers are professionally trained and comprehensively insured.,

Additionally, our fleet of vehicles have front and rear facing dashcams that monitor the drivers speed, direction and driving manner for the safety of you and other road users.

Our Tariff Rates

Unbooked Rates:

Tariff 1 SedanDay$4.00$2.004 p/km
$0.715 p/min
Tariff 2 SedanNight$7.80$2.004 p/km
$0.715 p/min
Tariff 3 MaxiDay$4.00$3.093 p/km$1.083 p/min
Tariff 4 MaxiNight$7.80$3.093 p/km$1.083 p/min

Booked Rates:

Tariff 7 SedanDay$6.10$2.30 p/km$0.800 p/min
Tariff 8 SedanNight$10.00$2.30 p/km$0.800 p/min
Tariff 9 MaxiDay$6.10$3.450 p/km$1.260 p/min
Tariff 10 MaxiNight$10.00$3.450 p/km$1.260 p/min

Public Holiday Rates Booked & Unbooked

Tariff 5 SedanDay$8.65$2.004 p/km$0.715 p/min
Tariff 6 MaxiNight$8.65$3.093 p/km$1.083 p/min
Tariff 11 SedanDay$10.90$2.300 p/km$0.800 p/min
Tariff 12 MaxiNight$3.60$3.450 p/km$1.260 p/min

Booking Fee$4.20
Late night fee$3.80
Holiday fee$4.65
CPV Levy Recovery Fee$1.27 (including GST)
Premium Services Booking Fee$11.00
Wheelchair / Scooter Lifting Fee$40.00
Call Out Fee$10 ++
Cleaning feeUp to $160

Terms & Conditions

* For 5-11 passengers (including a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or of other mobility aid) or where the hirer, specifically requests a larger then standard vehicle regardless of the number of passengers (except where the booking is for a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid)
**Holiday rate applies all day Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day; and from 6PM on New Year’s Eve. It also applies from 7PM on the evenings prior to other Victorian public holidays until the morning of the public holiday for all unbooked fares and are from midnight to midnight for booked fares.
*** When the hirer specifically asks requests the hire of as premium service vehicle and agreed to the charge of up to $11 per trip.
**** A cleaning fee of up to $120.00 applies if the passenger soils the vehicle with food, drink and other bodily fluids. Whether this fee is charged is left up to the discretion of the driver.
***** Call out fees are charges in increments of $10. 10-20Kms = $10, 20-30Kms = $20
, 30-40Kms = $30, 40-50Kms =$40, 50-60Kms = $50, 60+ / Melbourne Airport = $60 excluding Melbourne city and beyond.

****** Tolls (Both Eastlink & Citylink) are extra as per the signposted rates sticker in the vehicle and are added on top of the metered fare.

A unbooked fare is a fare that originates from the street, formally referred to as a hail fare.

The rates are the basically the same as booked, however, there is not a booking fee compared to booked.

A booked fare is a fare that originates when you use our App, make a website booking, or call us directly.

The rates are a little more expensive than unbooked, however, you get the surety that one of our taxis will be on its way to pick you up as you require, and you are able to track it accordingly via the text message link provided upon booking. 

Eureka Taxis charges call out fees to urban suburbs and satellite towns around Ballarat.

Call out fees are charged from our head office to the pickup location and follow the following table:


0-10Kms = Free

10-20Kms = $10

20-30Kms = $20

30-40Kms = $30

40-50Kms =$40

50-60Kms = $50

60+ / Melbourne Airport = $60 excluding Melbourne city and beyond.