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Drive With Eureka Taxis

Our drivers play a pivotal part in the day to day operations of Eureka Taxis.

Driving for Eureka Taxis is very fulfilling if you love driving and talking to people with the added bonus of being paid whilst you do it.

We have set high expectations for our drivers around the quality of customer service they provide, their personal hygiene and their ability to provide exceptional customer service to our customers.

No matter what experience you have, whether that be taxi experience, rideshare experience or none at all, we provide full comprehensive training


Every new driver learns differently, once our driver trainer feels your confident to drive and operate the taxi equipment independently and safely whilst maintaining a high quality of service, we organise a vehilce for you to commence driving.

The cost of our Induction / Training is $199.00 for a full day Training. If a driver requires further training there will be an additional cost of $99.00 per occurrence. Please note that these costs do not include the driver accreditation costs

Eureka Taxis is the only locally owned and operated booking service provider which is fully independent and locally owned and operated.

If you like to offer good customer service and have a keen eye for attention to detail and like to be paid for driving and talking to customers then this is the job for you

No – Eureka Taxis supplies your float at the commencement of your shift from our head office.

You will return the float to the office to be balanced at the end of your shift.

Eureka Taxis pays weekly on a Wednesdays via EFT to your nominated bank account. Any further questions please call our administration department on 03 4335 0210.

Eureka Taxis runs a varied vehicle fleet (mostly diesel) ranging from sedans, SUVs to our maxi and wav vans.

We run Ford Territories (SUV) for the most part and Renault Masters for our WAV and Maxi Vans.

Our service area commences from within Ballarat and radiates out approximately 100kms.

We have regular Melbourne Airport and Melbourne CBD jobs which fall outside this radius.

The radius is just a guide to give you an idea of the area we cover.

Yes, it’s mandatory that all drivers are required to wear full company uniform.

Yes you can, We pride ourselves on our understanding and dedication to our drivers and their life commitments. Some of our drivers work only during school hours, where other drivers like to work nights as well as Friday / Saturday nights.

How much you can earn is solely dependent on a few factors Factor 1: Where you are positioned. Being a taxi driver means that you need to sometimes chase the work, find our where is busy and work from there. Factor 2: Being in the right place at the right time. Our jobs are allocated based on the vehicle being driven, the drivers experience and their locality to the customer. Factor 3: How much effort you put in. As a taxi driver you are paid on an agreed amount of between 55 – 75% based on both experience, and what you can bring to the company. Noting that drivers do not need to pay for the upkeep of the vehicle or the fuel as this is paid for by the company.

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