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Eureka Taxis Ballarat is your premier partner when it comes to school transport solutions.

We understand that it takes a certain type of driver that has a unique skills set to be able to get your little ones home when your stuck at work.

Our professionally trained, insured and rigorously trained drivers understand what its like as we are all parents our self.

We offer flexible options to working parents, allowing them to focus with work and know that their loved ones are transported home with safety in mind.

If you are eligible for a Government-funded school run, this will be organised on your behalf and you will be notified of when the transport will begin. If you have any further questions in relation to this please let us know.

Eureka Taxis has a range of specialized drivers to transport students to/from school each day with effort and ease.

For further information please call 03 4335 0210 and ask to speak to one of our school specialists that can arrange your school transport needs.

If you are not eligible for a government-funded school run, our specialised team can assist you to set up a 7 day travel account.

Here at Eureka Tacis, we prioritise safety to ensure all our passengers are transported with the utmost care and understanding.

All taxis are fitted with CCTV technology and realtime GPS tracking systems.

In the event of an emergency, drivers have access to multiple in-car alarm systems to alert our 24/7 Helpdesk of any emergency while on-road.

All our drivers have yearly mandated police checks as part of the Driver Accreditation process and are required to complete additional training.

Further we make all of our drivers undergo yearly medical reviews to ensure that they are fit to operate our vehicles.

You can contact one of our local school transport representatives on 03 4335 0210

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Working With Childrens Check

All Drivers have a Working with Children Check.

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MAXI TAXI, SUV’s and child seats available .

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Door to door service.

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Option to select the Same Driver on all trips .